True love

Free Valentine printable from

Free Valentine printable from

I love Valentine’s Day. Though I never had a boyfriend until my senior year in college, I always thought it was fun to make special treat for friends and enjoy a more low-key school day. When I started following Jesus in college, I realized that this just might be my favorite holiday- a whole day to celebrate love? And now I knew what true love was and had an eternal Valentine whom I could share with others!? This was just too good to be true!

“this is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.”                1 John 3:16

Valentine’s Day is a culturally acceptable day to love people, make them feel special, and point them to true love, displayed on the cross. I know that it’s important for married couples to carve out time for one another. And that is so great. But I also feel like this day, for whatever reasons, is a day of brokenness for many. This is an amazing opportunity to love the single, widowed, divorced,hurting people in our lives. This commercialized holiday can be redeemed and used as a chance to bless our loved ones, our neighbors, and those we don’t even know.

I am super excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my family. Tomorrow, Finn, Piper and I have some errands to run. I saw the idea online to take valentines out and about with you to give to people you encounter. Finn is at the perfect age for this- he is going to have a blast. And lest you think you can’t do something similar because it’s last minute, you can! Even if you just print something cute from pinterest, it could totally make someone’s day. It also teaches your little about loving others and being others-focused. (another sweet idea, which I would love to do in the future, is visit a nursing home or hospital). Even better- is there a neighbor or someone in your life that you’ve talked with a little but would love to get to know better? Grab your adorable little kiddo and a flower or something sweet or whatever and seize this day!

Maybe the idea of giving a stranger or neighbor a valentine really scares you. Can I double-dog dare you to give it a try? And, in the midst of heart-shaped pancakes and a date with your spouse, keeping an open eye and an open heart to who could really use some true love? Maybe it even means forgoing a fancy meal and as a family blessing another couple a gift card or having friends over (or maybe visiting and buying someone a much needed item from the gift catalogue?) My point is this: it doesn’t matter how big or how small the gesture is, but let’s be pro-active to love someone in a special way this Valentine’s Day. With pinterest and social media the way it is it’s tempting to think that any thing we do has to be super cute and original and handmade and on and on. Thankfully, it actually just needs to be done with love. Here are some other ideas:

-take this opportunity to write an affirming note to someone: a coworker, friend, parent, missionary, sibling, spouse, etc.

-if you sponsor a child, take time to make them a valentine with your kids

-send flowers to your grandmother (or maybe someone who has lost a spouse recently

Please don’t read this post and then feel guilty for whatever. The last thing any of us needs in our life is more guilt. What we all need is more Jesus. Let’s let him saturate our hearts, our lives, and this Hallmark holiday and turn it all into a sweet offering unto Him. As you love your hubby, your kids, your single sister, the cashier at the grocery store, may it all be the overflow of a heart that is loved, cherished, and captivated by our One True Love.

P.S. one more idea for making this an extra special Valentine’s Day? Write a love letter to your Savior. It doesn’t have to be long or eloquent or written on parchment paper with a quill or something crazy… Just a few words of love, just loving the One who loved you first.

What are some ways that you like to celebrate True Love on Valentine’s Day? Would love to hear stories and ideas or ways that you’ve been loved!